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Ceiling Damage

Ceiling Patch Repair and Fixing Water Damaged Ceiling in Perth

Know More About Our Water Damaged Ceiling Repair Services

Water damaged ceilings can be the worst experience for any homeowner, because it could collapse at any time. When a ceiling is hit by water and moisture it loses its strength. Early signs of damage are ceiling patches, cracking, sagging, brown lines across your ceiling and paint coming off the surface. Calling a professional will help you with the situation so you can act before it gets worse. Perth Ceiling Fixers specializes in fixing Plaster Glass ceiling repair due to water damage, repairing a Plaster Glass ceiling and handling other ceiling-related issues of any kind. Ceiling patches also deteriorates the beauty of the home. Ornate ceiling repairs require additional effort and knowledge of the different materials, which is why, we have trained our professionals to offer A-grade services to all our customers.

Water Damaged Ceiling

If you feel that your Gyprock/ Plaster-Glass or Ornate ceiling is sagging or water damaged, we can rebuild or rejuvenation to enhance the overall look and feel of your home. Do you have ornate ceiling that’s given up the Ghost? then it’s time to call Perth Ceiling Fixers before it’s too late.

No job is too big or small for us. We have worked on Plaster Glass ceiling repair projects of different sizes and variations, and our team of experts has always been able to deliver on our client’s expectations; be it a water damaged ceiling, patch repair or Ceiling replacement we do it all. We can even save the cornice and rebuild the ceiling around it.

Ceiling Patch Repair

Our ceiling repair service is backed by a six-year warranty, under which you will get full repair and maintenance support should anything goes wrong. This is our way of saying to our clients that we are always there to handle any problems and offer prompt assistance as and when required.

At Perth Ceiling Fixers, we understand that your ornate ceiling is a big investment and, in order to prolong this investment, regular maintenance and necessary repairs should never be overlooked. While you may get too busy to care about these issues, Perth Ceiling Fixers can come to you and assess your property and offer affordable solutions.

Ornate Ceiling Repair

  • We can Re-Building your Ornate ceilings.

  • We are specialist at saving or re-building ornate ceilings.

  • We can Re-strap, rebuild and renew that classic Art Deco work of art.

  • We have the skill to build around old ceiling plates or roses, copy cornices and make that cracked sagging old ceiling look like it was only put up yesterday.

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